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Cynthia Bialek
Cynthia Bialek, RYT500 has been in the fitness industry for over 30 years.  Eighteen years ago she shifted most of her attention towards the practice of yoga and has been teaching over 13 yoga classes weekly for the past fifteen years. She is also a certified personal trainer, aquatic exercise specialist and the founder of the trademarked program Yoga Afloat®. Cynthia is also the producer and host of the cable T.V. show “Yoga with Cynthia” that can be viewed on Channel 10 in Fairfax and Channel 28 in the Reston/Herndon communities.
Her first experience with yoga was actually as a young teen. Cynthia went to a small basement studio twice a week with her mom to practice Hatha Yoga to the beat of bongo drums. The classes then focused on meditation and breathing. Many years later she enrolled in Iyengar Yoga classes and found the emphasis on form and technique to be more suited to her needs at that time. She also found the Iyengar method highly educational, less spiritual but a very practical method to measure improvement.

She branched out, however, to become a student of many schools of yoga. During the past eighteen years Cynthia has realized that the body’s physical needs are continually changing. It is often important to become more meditative and spiritual and less active to regain lost energy do to stress, injury, or illness. There maybe several schools of yoga that positively benefit an individual at various times in their lives.

As a Program Director and independent Program Consultant for various health and fitness centers Cynthia has spent time analyzing the benefits these yoga schools could have for various special populations. Ashtanga Yoga, for example is not suitable for people with arthritic stiffness, the severely overweight or anyone with a chronic pain syndrome. This form of Yoga is for athletes looking for a challenge and other yoga students that are in good physical health open to experiencing a new approach. Integral and Kundalini Yoga on the other hand are good choices for individuals with chronic pain, arthritis and stress disorders. But even these more spiritual and breath work based yoga styles may not work for obesity, those with a missing limb or scoliosis. Many severely overweight individuals find sitting comfortably on a floor nearly impossible. All of these identified special populations find greater support and privacy in the water. For these individuals there is Yoga Afloat®, a comprehensive aquatic yoga program that is suitable for people of all ages and most special needs. As with other yoga programs, Yoga Afloat® has basic traditional standing postures as well as suspended, floating and wall assisted poses. For more on Yoga Afloat® click here.

The cable T.V. program “Yoga with Cynthia” has aired for over 12 years. One of the greatest appeals of the program is that each week targets a specific interest group. The show has aired “Yoga to Improve Your Golf Swing, “Yoga for Better Backs”, Power Yoga”, “Gentle Yoga”, “Yoga for Children”, “Partner Yoga” and more. Cynthia draws from her own education as a fitness professional, personal trainer and teacher trainer and often enlists the advice of other specialists when developing these programs.  Her programs have been featured in the Washington Post, Aquatics International, Club Industry, and others over the years.